other works

Design for Čigota cookbook for the 50th anniversary of the medical complex for the treatment of hyperthyroidism (today Special hospital for thyroid gland and metabolism diseases Zlatibor). In time, the weight watching program (ČIGOTA program, called after the nearby mountain peak) has become the signature sign of the institution and made it famous both in Serbia and Europe. The logo of the hospital was designed some 30 years ago (representing a girl working out) and does bear much resemblance to the hospital specialized programs, but the management didn’t want to change it. The client wanted the logo to dominate the covers. The solution was to plant the basil seeds in the shape of the logo, and then to place them in an empty plate once they’d grown, and make a photo. Different ingredients from the cook book were arranged around. The cook book offers menus for each day (for 30 days) and detailed recipes for each of the dishes.